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With more than 3 million customers around the world, it’s not surprising that we’ve had our fair share of media coverage.

Here’s just a sample…

“Latest device drivers can prevent hardware issues and ensure device performance. Driver Easy gets the drivers to your PC quickly and easily.”

—— Issue 2019-03, p.38, translated from German

Circulation: 63,321 / month

“Driver Easy provides a solution: the program quickly and reliably checks the status of all drivers and gets the latest version (of drivers) to your PC. It’s no longer necessary to search correct drivers from the manufacturer’s site or on suspicious websites, and installing drivers will be running automatically.”

—— Issue 2016-01, p.16, translated from German

“I don’t want to search for drivers one by one – in the future, Driver Easy will finish that on my PC. Anyone who has ever searched for device drivers on the Internet knows this: either the driver source is dubious, or the websites of manufacturers are too confusing to find the correct driver, which turns out to be another challenge for patience. Now all come to an end, as Driver Easy can do it for you with a few clicks, or even automatically if you wish to.”

—— Issue 2015-04, p.40, translated from German

Circulation: 32,113 / month

“You’re facing an issue each time you upgrade to a new Windows version: to update your device drivers. Driver Easy takes care of all that for you – so you’re guaranteed to complete updating.”

—— Issue 2015-07, p.97, translated from German

Circulation: 120,918 / month

“Manually finding drivers takes forever. And sometimes you still can not find the driver you need. Driver Easy scans your computer, tells you which drivers are missing or outdated, and then downloads them all at once.”

— Issue 2019-07, p.6, translated from German

“Full version of Driver Easy Pro: With it you can resolve driver conflicts and many related (Windows) update issues.”

—— Issue 2018-07, p.24, translated from German

“It’s laborious and tedious to search for drivers on the Internet, as they are often hidden on obscure manufacturers’ webpages. This is especially true for old devices. To save this work: Driver Easy Pro even finds the correct drivers for museum-piece devices and installs them automatically.”

—— Issue 2017-05, p.33, translated from German

Circulation: 56,375 / month

“Driver Easy Pro scans your computer components, detects missing or outdated device drivers, and updates them individually or all at once. The software automatically downloads and installs the latest drivers. This saves you a lot of time and ensures Windows always has the latest drivers available. Thanks to the explicit release notes, you always know which driver versions the program has replaced for you as part of an update. Drivers can be saved in a ZIP file before the update, and restored later if necessary.”

—— Issue 2018-07, p.31, translated from German

“If you would like to update the drivers for your PC components as simple as possible, leave it to the Driver Easy Pro full version on DVD. This tool searches for outdated drivers and updates them, including graphics cards, drives, printers, scanners, network adapters, keyboards and mice.”

—— Issue 2019-07, p.19, translated from German

Circulation: 47,333 / month
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“A driver is a program that allows a PC to communicate with installed components and external devices. Drivers must be updated regularly so that everything would work without errors. Unfortunately, it requires patience and experience (searching on the Internet and installing the appropriate software) to diagnose and resolve issues. When nobody around you is familiar with computers, it is worth installing and running the full version of Driver Easy Pro from our DVD disc. This tool will automatically update your outdated drivers to eliminating common hardware issues. The application database contains over 8 million device drivers – only in WHQL certified versions. Part of the program is an offliner scanner that allows you to control your computer’s resources without accessing the network.”

—— Issue 2019-04, p.44, translated from Polish

“Drivers must be up-to-date for the computer to run quickly without errors. The full version of Driver Easy Pro will check your system, find outdated or missing driver software, download the latest versions from the Internet, and install them to solve common issues.”

—— Issue 2018-05, p.53, translated from Polish

“The second group of representative, i.e. the experienced computer scientist, wants to get the maximum device performance, especially when it comes to 3D graphics performance. Driver Easy Pro will come in handy in this case – it ensures that drivers are always up to date with the best performance. People from the third group who specialize in computer maintenance, can appreciate the advantages of this program if they have to diagnose and repair not one but several computers.”

—— Issue 2015-11, p.65, translated from Polish

“It’s a time-consuming task to manually search for drivers on the Internet, which requires the ability to navigate pages of device manufacturers. Often such searches do nothing, or the file you finally find and download does not contain what you were looking for. The solution to these types of issues is to pass all these tasks to the Driver Easy Pro application, the full version of which has been placed on DVD this month. The program will automatically check Windows system, find all outdated drivers, and then instantly download the latest versions from the Internet and install. Driver Easy 5.5 Pro automatically downloads and installs the latest drivers from the Internet, solving most issues with Windows.”

—— Issue 2017-08, p.38, translated from Polish

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